Saturday, April 7, 2012

Reflections: Chapters 11 & 12

Two weeks ago , now four weeks since I just realized I never finished this post,I started my first COMPLETE technology integrated lesson plan with my fifth grade art class. I say complete because I have been using technology by ways of my computer and the projector (we do not have SMART boards at our school) The lesson is about utilitarian design and the work of Alexander Calder. The students have been using PAINT to create their own utilitarian design. The lesson could not have gone better. All of the students were able to open the program and stayed on task, for the most part! The students also did research on Alexander Calder and the art he created. It was definitely a change in classroom management as we do not have a computer lab at our school therefore the students were using laptops, many of which had to be plugged in, creating groups of students and cords, but it never got completely chaotic. It was just difficult to assess if everyone was on task. We will be finishing up our utilitarian designs tomorrow, and I am excited to continue to truly integrate technology into my teaching.

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