Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Insights on Technology Adoptions in Schools

What are technology adoptions?  As stated in the article New Insights on Technology Adoptions in Schools, written for the journal (Transforming Education Through Technology), technology adoptions are how "teachers use technology to enrich teaching."  There are ultimately four stages a teacher goes through as they adopt technology into their teaching: 1. Teachers evolve to learners
                                                              2. Teachers become adopters of educational technology
                                                              3.Teachers become co-learners/ co-explorers with their students
                                                              4. Teachers reaffirm or reject decision
These for adoptions were retieved from the article found at:

In this day and age we as educators are about to embark on one of the biggest changes education might ever see: a technology driven curriculum, including computerized testing. Also when every child has a computer, that means the teacher will have to change their lessons to incorporate the technology being used.  Weas teachers cannot be scared of integrating technology into our classrooms because it is happening all around us and maybe already has within your school.  Orange County Schools in North Carolina has implemented their one-to-one iniative meaning every child in the school district will have a computer, laptop, or tablet for their individual use as of next school year!

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