Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Tomorrow, 50K on Thursday!

Alright, I have your attention now! The principal called me into his office last Thursday to discuss a contest being put on by Lenovo. Yes our very own Lenovo, located in Morrisville, NC is giving away a $50,000 Technology Makeover to a school who receives the most votes for their students drawings depicting, what they want to be when they grow up! As the art teacher he came to me for help, but also because every Tuesday during drop-off line at school, we talk about technology and how smart I am getting by taking this class! I have also told him that I am going to get a SMART board from! So, I just have to get through lots of hearts and glitter tomorrow and onto winning a $50,000 Technology Makeover for our school! If we win, I think that will be worth some extra credit!

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