Monday, February 27, 2012

Reflections Chapter 10

This chapter focused on Graphic Organizers. I do not have much teaching experience using graphic organizers so this chapter made me want to download some free software or a trial of Inspiration and check it out! For the first time this semester, I am at a loss for words in regards to reflecting on a chapter. I do feel that graphic organizers are a great tool for the students to better understand a concept because as the text states " they are engaged in all three critical thinking processes." ( Morrison & Lowther, pg.270) The students must analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information while using a graphic organizer. Understanding is essential to perform all three of these processes successfully. As for misconceptions by the student of key information while using a graphic organizer, this would be obvious and resolved instantaneously while using this tool as during group work or circle time. Since the information is laid out visually it would be rather easy to tell if a child is having difficulties. The use of graphic organizers is a wonderful way for students to organize their brainstorming ideas before they move onto a written assignment.

I look forward to gaining more experience with graphic organizers and incorporating them into my art class.

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