Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chapter 6 Reflections

Having access to the web allows me to communicate effectively through email. Whether its related to my job, volunteer organizations, or socially I can quickly reach a lot of people at once. With the ability to attach files and pictures, receive invoices, register my kids for sports, and meanwhile cutting back on paper the web has provided me with fast communication. Also using a reliable search engine allows me to receive a lot of information. I have also found that saving documents online is an effective tool found on the web as well.

I find that it is easy to manage students use of the web at my school and within my classroom due to the Student Code of Conduct and the parent consent form that all students and parents have signed. The students have an understanding that the computers and the internet should be treated with respect and used for school work only. With constant monitoring this has not been an issue in my experiences as a substitute teacher and art teacher.

My most used feature of the web is email. I am also a big fan of,, and social media including facebook, and pinterest. When I was selling my jewelry online I had an account with and a blog.

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